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Model Matrix
Discharge Capacity 140 LPM to 800 LPM
Head Range 10 Mtrs. to 36 Mtrs.
Motor H.P. 1 to 3 H.P. 1Ø /50Hz/230 V.
Model Jupiter
Discharge Capacity 180 LPM to 1400 LPM
Head Range 6 Mtrs. to 30 Mtrs.
Motor H.P. 3 to 10 H.P. 3Ø /50Hz/415 V.
Model Trinity
Discharge Capacity 20 LPM to 140 LPM
Head Range 8 Mtrs. to 18 Mtrs.
Motor H.P. 0.5 H.P. 1Ø/50Hz/230 V.